About us

PAV is a building and investment company with an excellent image on the market. The buildings we create are residential and for offices. Since we started in 1994 to now, we have implemented over 40 successfully realized projects, mainly in prestigious and attractive areas of the city. We have added to our portfolio three beautiful hotels – two in Sofia and one in Bansko. We have our own production base, and for over 2 500 residents of Sofia our buildings have become their homes.

The construction is monolithic, made from reinforced concrete structure, brick walls, fibran insulation on all exterior and interior walls, insulation of the interior walls and floors. The common parts are made luxuriously covered with marble pavements of Greek, Italian and Chinese granite, limestone and stone tilings and ecaussine, stainless steel railings. The façade polymer plaster is BAUMIT, and for the new buildings we use façade coatings ETALBOND and HPL.