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Residential Building, 31 Lyubotrun Str., Lozenets

LOCATION alone attracts new residents
  • Completion date
  • Project type
    residential and office building
  • Address
    Sofia, 31 Lyubotrun Str.
  • Status


  • Location
    It is an excellent investment for people who value their time, because of the great communication possibilities – a wide boulevard and a fast subway. Located in the "heart" of upper Lozenets, in a place well known to every Sofia resident, our building at 31 Lyubotrun Str. makes an impression.
  • Design
    The design of the residential building is clearly up-to-date, pleases the modern eye and contrasts positively with the surrounding urbanized picture. Due to its multifunctional nature, the project is completed with both suspended glass facades and mineral plaster. It was fully completed in 2013 and houses a shop, bank offices, apartments and studios of various sizes and functions, an underground level with parking spaces and an office area. Its entrance is spacious, equipped with permanent video control and chip access.
  • Construction
    The construction is reinforced concrete monolithic beamless with load-bearing reinforced concrete walls. The roof and facade panels are filled with appropriate hydro and thermal insulation, plasters and stone facings. With such processing, comfort of living and longevity of the structure is ensured. The facade walls are filled with 25 cm brick wall, insulated with expanded polystyrene, PVC mesh, mineral plaster and ETALBOND.
  • Direction
    Direction is never to be neglected. It is even imperative for our most demanding customers. Considering this detail, we oriented the building in a southern direction. Thus we allowed the continuous sunlight to become a part of the existence of its new inhabitants. And the element that makes the properties offered by us exclusive is the wide panoramic view of Vitosha, revealed by the extensive balconies.